On the Convenience of Bunnies

Inspiration strikes at the strangest of times.

Stranger are when you are bitten by the all famous “plot bunny” or “muse”. I have honestly found no reasoning  behind it but one underlying common them. They always have to bite when it is least convenient.

I have lost track of the number of times that I have been laying in bed or driving to and from work when out of no where a scene appears. It is both glorious and infuriating. There it is! The ‘perfect’ scene all laid out in front of you only… how exactly are you planning to write this down? Pull the car over and pull out a pen and paper? Not in rush hour traffic when you have ten miles to cover in five minutes you aren’t. Oh sure, you can leap out of bed, scramble to wake up the computer, and type it all out furiously, but the moment you do the juices stop flowing.

You write notes, you meticulously lay out details, you catch up to where you left off when you leaped out of bed and–! Annnd now it’s gone. Now you are stuck mid-scene and you just know in the back of your mind that when you come back to this a week or a month down the line when the rest of the story catches up it will never be as good.

I had such a moment this week driving home. It must have been the music because I started plotting out the last big fight scene in the book and it went from simple ideas and points to a movie reel taking off. Witty lines of dialogue and just the right adjectives all compiled into a scene that would have been perfect with a little polishing. Naturally that meant that by the time I had gotten home to actually write it all down I had forgotten all of the wit and those snazzy adjectives. Now it sits forlornly as a loose bullet list on my thumb drive waiting for when I actually get to that scene and faceroll on my keyboard in frustration with it.


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