My Mission

My hope for this blog is to give you an insight into not only myself as a person and ‘author’, but into my writing process. As a kid when I started writing, I started completely blind as most do. Not all unsurprising, being both a kid and completely inexperienced in writing, this lead to a lot of half filled notebooks that eventually got tossed in the closet or slid under the bed. (Too many of which I still have and should probably burn out of embarrassment.)

What I hope to do is perhaps give other inexperienced writers an insight into how I write now and perhaps allow them to get on their feet faster than I did myself. (Thirteen years of writing and counting.) Perhaps it will help, perhaps it won’t, but I hope to at least maybe bring some smiles or make others like me out there feel a little less alone or overwhelmed. I made up a list of various topics to cover when it comes to writing and if there are any you wish to see please feel free to leave a comment somewhere and let me know.


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