All Emergency Crews We Have a Motivation Derailment. I Repeat, We Have a Motivation Derailment

Lately I’ve been finding myself distracted. For a time I was doing great. I was tearing away at a fan story I was writing all while editing my original novel. Slowly, the writing tapered off, but the editing picked up, so I was pleased. Theeeeen derail. I went from doing 4 to 6 chapters a day down to zip. I blame it on procrastination.

There is a pesky scene that is probably the oldest in my novel. It is out dated and no longer really fits, but it has some important information and revelations in it. That and it sets up scenes that come later so it’s not a matter of simply tossing it out. That sucker has to get edited… But I reeaaaaallly don’t want to deal with it. Feel like it is this gigantic boulder sitting in the road and the only thing I have to get rid of it is this tiny little chisel and hammer.

I suppose that’s just part of being a writer, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it gosh darn it all. Naturally this meant that instead of just facing it and getting it over with I suddenly ran headlong for another original story I wanted to write. Meanwhile that scene from my novel is sitting in the back of my mind yowling like my cat does at 2am when she has to announce to the apartment that she still remembers how to use the litter box and that we all damn well better be proud of her.

Part of the problem I think is the fact that I struggle to write while at home. At work it is easy. It’s a mini escape to jot down two or three sentences while I wait for the system to save or a chapter while at lunch. At home there are a multitude of distractions. It is hard to write sometimes when I have a game I am longing to play staring at me from my task bar or when I have a cat trying to wedge himself between my arm and my side.

One of these days I need to hide my Ethernet cord so I can’t get on steam or an MMO after I lock all three of my cats out of my room.

Ha. Good luck with that…